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 Tuition Policy

The Office of Catholic Schools has coordinated a tuition policy to be utilized by the Catholic schools within the Diocese of Greensburg. This policy has been established to ensure that the tuition procedures and guidelines are consistent and fair among families with children attending Catholic schools within the Diocese. This policy has been implemented though the Office of Catholic Schools, under the approval of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools. The Office of Catholic Schools reserves the right to adjust this policy and coinciding procedures as deemed necessary.

Tuition payments are managed through FACTS Tuition Management.  Setting up your payment plan schedule with options listed below is done on the FACTS website.  General information about FACTS Tutition Management including frequently asked questions can be found on the MQA Tuition Management Flyer.

Establishing Tuition Based on the Cost to Educate
The school administration works with the Office for Catholic Schools and Finance Office to establish a cost to educate that is representative of the school budget needs.  Tuition for 2021-2022 school year has been set at $7,850.  Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year has been set at $8,422. Tuition for the upcoming school years will be announced once it is determined.  Financial aid packages from multiple funding sources are available to families that apply for aid using the FACTS Financial Aid Application.

Tuition Planning and Payment Schedule
Schools establish and announce their tuition rate for the following school year. Tuition rates are established based on budgetary needs and enrollment.

  • End of January – beginning of February – Catholic schools open their application process for the upcoming school year and FACTS application forms are available for parents/guardians to submit for financial aid. Parents/guardians have until March 15 to submit their FACTS application forms without a fee.
  • End of May-End of June – Once parents/guardians have completed their financial aid (FACTS) application process and this information has been verified, tuition award letters are disseminated by the school to parents/guardians noting the tuition amount with any scholarships and financial aid awards.
  • July 10 – Tuition Agreement Forms are due.
  • July 20 – Tuition payments begin.

All tuition payments are managed through FACTS Tuition Management System.  Families can set up their FACTS Tuition Management accounts choosing the option for payment.  Included in the Tuition Management System is the Incidental Billing System used at MQA for other school fees.

Options for payment indicated on the Tuition Payment Agreement Form signed and returned by the parents/guardians:

  • One payment by July 20 of the upcoming school year with no fee charged for tuition or incidental billing.
  • Two equal payments – Set up on FACTS with the first payment due by July  20 of the upcoming school year and the second payment due by January 20 of the current school year.  A fee is charged for incidental billing.
  • Monthly payment plan on FACTS that will bring the balance to zero by June 30 or earlier of the school year completed in June.  A fee is charged for payments which includes incidental billing.
  • Any of the above options, but paid through a credit card if available. If a credit card payment method is chosen, an additional service fee is charged with the service fee announced on an annual basis.  A fee is charged for the payments including incidental billing.
  • No cash will be accepted for payment.
  • A combination of the above options approved by school administration. Please indicate which options you are using and provide details of the pre-arranged agreement on the Tuition Payment Agreement Form.  A fee is charged for the payments including incidental billing.
  • No cash will be accepted for payment.

The chosen method for payment must be indicated on the Tuition Payment Agreement, and signed and returned by the parents/guardians.  Payments begin in July and use the previous year's schedule unless a new one is requested or set up by the family.

Tuition Payment in Default
If a payment is not made, for whatever reason, the following process will be followed:

a) The parents/guardians will be notified in writing of the payment not being received.

b) The parents/guardians will be given 20 calendar days to bring the account to current status or meet with school administration to have an adjusted payment contract approved (not a guarantee).

c) If the account is not brought to current status, and an adjusted payment contract is not agreed upon and approved by school administration, the student enrollment will cease at the end of hte quarter.

​Transfer of Students with Past Balance
No students will be accepted at any Catholic school within the Diocese of Greensburg if they are carrying a past due balance from any other Catholic school within the Diocese of Greensburg.